The following three projects are provided as an example of the work being done by Total Quality Services

First Project:

Contract Name: Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) Automated Information System (AIS)

Project Description: Total Quality Services has provided personnel to work as functional and technical analysts and trainers in the internal Defense development of a Military Health Services Medical Logistics System. Providing personnel in positions of leadership, functional analysis, software development and application training, Total Quality Services continues to fill key roles in the successful development of a very complex and extensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) like system. Personnel associated with Total Quality Services have filled roles as functional analysts, functional team leaders and software developers.

Project Duration: The DMLSS AIS development effort began in 1993 and will continue with enhancement until replaced by a next generation system in the 2015 timeframe. This projection is supported by approved POM submissions through 2009 and planning beyond that date. Total Quality Services has been involved with DMLSS since founding in 1999 when the first employee was placed in a subcontracting role through a company then called Sherikon. Total Quality Services has been retained each year since then and has at the request of the Program, added key personnel on several occasions. There is no expectation that this highly successful internal Defense development effort will replace Total Quality Services personnel as several of them hold key leadership or development roles not easily replaced.

Second Project:

Contract Name: Joint Medical Asset Repository (JMAR)

Project Description: The Joint Medical Asset Repository is a data warehouse initiative undertaken by the Army, Navy and Air Force to facilitate the automated data reporting, defined data consolidation and business intelligence reporting of information related to medical logistics matters both in theater and in peacetime units. That data, gathered from hundreds of sources and dozens of software programs, is reported in a configurable reporting tool called Business Objects. Total Quality Services has provided a Business Objects developer to JMAR to build the data universes and write the software code necessary for customer use of the product. This product is used at very high levels of Defense for war planning and budgeting purposes. Current efforts involving Total Quality Services is the transformation of that “on demand” style Business Objects reporting to include “pushed” Executive Dashboard style reporting to select senior leaders.

Project Duration: JMAR began as an Army sponsored effort in 1999 and moved to the tri-service environment in 2002. The Total Quality Services Business Objects Developer began work on JMAR in 2002. From that time to the present, this developer has been the primary person responsible for the customer representation of required data and information displays. JMAR has no sunset provision and is favorably funded for growth for a number of years to come. Because of the integral role played by Total Quality Services in past JMAR efforts and the high esteem held of that particular individual, there is no expectation that Total Quality Services will not continue to play a role in JMAR for years to come.

Third Project:

Contract Name: Navy Fleet Hospital Support Office (FHSO) Business Analysis

Project Description: The Navy Medical Department has an organization at Cheatham Annex outside the Yorktown Naval Weapons Station that assembles and rebuilds Navy Fleet Hospitals. Fleet Hospital Support Office required an objective party with extensive logistics to conduct and report on a full business analysis and propose business process reengineering efforts to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness if the organization. Key to the credentials of the objective party was the need to understand logistics software systems and the interaction of systems to processes. By virtue of the depth of experience in both logistics and software systems held by Total Quality Services, our company was chosen to conduct the analysis and develop recommendations. Information gathering and analysis took place over several months resulting in recommendations that once adopted enacted major process and system changes that have radically enhanced the effectiveness of FHSO.

Project Duration: Total Quality Services provided Business Process Reengineering support to FHSO from 1 October, 1999 through 31 March, 2000. Deliverables included As-Is and To-Be Business Process Models along with a “map & gap” analysis that resulted in the creation of a Migration Strategy that would lead the FHSO from their existing legacy systems to utilization of the DoD jointly developed DMLSS system. The original completion date was established as 31 March, 2000 and all deliverables were completed and turned over to FHSO representatives by that date.